Stunning TAG Heuer Watches for Every Man and Woman

In the world of luxury watches, there is gender equality among consumers. Luxury watch companies don’t discriminate between men, women, or anyone described in between those two. As long as you can pay for your luxury watch, that’s all that matters. But naturally, every luxury watch company is influenced by biological differences between genders when designing their luxury watches. That has always been true, especially for this one watch company.

Introducing TAG Heuer to a New Generation

If you are young and have never heard of the company before, the name TAG Heuer could be quite new and unfamiliar. That is until you see the watches designed under the TAG Heuer brand as displayed on their website. Then you may be bowled over by the aesthetics of each watch and will want to buy it. That’s what the company is hoping for, actually.

If you have never shopped for your own TAG Heuer before, it can be a bit daunting. Seven collections are being marketed by the company, namely, these:

  • TAG Heuer Link
  • TAG Heuer Autavia
  • TAG Heuer Monaco
  • TAG Heuer Aquaracer
  • TAG Heuer Formula 1
  • TAG Heuer Carrera
  • TAG Heuer Connected

Knowing that this could be a perfect opportunity to get introduced to the nuances of each of these luxury watch collections.

Seven Different Yet Unified Collections

TAG Heuer Link

It is said that this collection stands out among the other six collections because here, the company artisans focused on the wrist bracelet first. Isn’t that unusual? It seems the bracelet was designed first because of the need of watch owners for comfort. The artisans then took their cue from this while developing the other parts of each watch.

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TAG Heuer Autavia

This collection is remarkable because it is the oldest collection among the seven. That alone should tell luxury watch fans that the TAG Heuer brand has a long lifespan in the market. It seems there is still market demand for the TAG Heuer Autavia collection up to now.

TAG Heuer Monaco

The Monaco series of TAG Heuer watches stands out amongst the seven and amongst other luxury watch brands because the Monaco watches have square-shaped cases. You will be hard put to find other brands that took that daring step regarding design.

TAG Heuer Aquaracer

This collection is actually made up of various diving watch models. To facilitate diving in the ocean’s watery depths, TAG Heuer Aquaracer watches feature double safety gaskets to prevent the entry of water into the case. The designers also took into consideration the possible entry of dust with the same technique.

TAG Heuer Formula 1

Motorsports and the TAG Heuer Formula 1 collection go back together quite a long way in time. You will notice that the TAG Heuer Formula 1 watches have the company shield imprinted within the watch face itself to show this deep relationship. To complement the driving skills of Formula 1 drivers, this collection features watches that are built for speed yet can take the bumps and humps of the racetrack in stride.

TAG Heuer Carrera

This particular collection made up of chronograph watches is meant to be worn by race car drivers too. The difference is that with the Formula 1 collection, those were meant for casual driving only. The Carrera is designed to be worn during actual motorsports races. That means its watches have to be more enduring over the rough environment so that its driver-owners won’t falter while racing to the finish line.

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TAG Heuer Connected

The main theme of this collection is the relationship between each watch and the end-user of the product. The closer you are to the vibe of your Connected watch, the more you will want to explore the design options of each timepiece. One desirable feature is the interchangeable straps and bracelets. This means, if you tire of just using a rubber strap all the time, you can easily switch to the metal bracelet instead.

Another way you stay connected with your Connected watch is that it can monitor your health for you as you engage in sports activities. Need to check your heart rate? Sure, no problem. Playing a round of golf with your buddies? Got that covered too. Want to see how many calories you burned running around the track? You won’t be disappointed since the Connected watch can handle that also.

You may now wonder why the TAG Heuer Collections are called “unified”. To put it simply, these collections all function for one purpose: to make you look better while improving your sports performance. The aesthetics make it easy for you to feel confident that your watch matches your sports attire for the day or night. The brand’s track record allows you to focus on your sports performance by measuring those factors for you.

Why You Should Choose TAG Heuer?

Having heard of all these great features of each of the seven collections, you may now be feeling overwhelmed as to which watch to choose. In a fantasy world, you could pick all of them and alternate use of each watch as you please. But realistically, you can probably afford just one every couple of years even if you become a high-net-worth individual.

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The trick to making your choice is to determine where you would probably feel the need to wear a TAG Heuer watch. Some may buy a TAG Heuer simply because they look really nice, and you want to show off your disposable income that way. Others may be heavily into the sporting arena so it would be nice to have your own TAG Heuer to help you compete. And if someone you hold in high esteem should happen to mention that they like this brand too, well, why not buy one for them as well?


A TAG Heuer does cost a pretty penny so these are not just impulsive purchases for most people. If you can afford to buy one, take good care of it. That way, further down the road you may want to put it up for resale. A luxury watch like TAG Heuer will be highly valued, especially if you buy one from a limited edition collection. And if you really like collecting them, you can choose a keeper from the bunch at any time.

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