Best Browsers With Built-In VPN

Your online activity is encrypted, and your location is concealed through a virtual private network or VPN. Additionally, a VPN is essential because the majority of people use the internet on portable devices like smartphones.

The top VPN-equipped browsers offer an excellent means of shielding web browsing from prying eyes. In particular, if you’re unfamiliar with VPN technology and feel a little frightened by manually putting one up.

If you’re not tech-savvy, establishing a VPN may seem intimidating. Utilizing a lightweight browser with an integrated VPN is an easy substitute.

This worry is gone when using a browser with a VPN built in. Then you won’t need to look for and set up a browser extension because the package contains all you require.

These Android web browsers, which each include a free built-in VPN, can help you increase your privacy and security. Let us see and understand some of the best web browsers that come with an in-built VPN.

A List of Browsers with a VPN

Below is a list of web browsers you can use to hide your identity or information while browsing.

Opera Browser

The Opera browser is still a fantastic product with tonnes of features and an estimated 350+ million users globally, even though it may not garner as much attention these days.

The variety of features included in Opera’s default setup is one way it differentiates itself from the competition. The program offers ad-blocking, messaging, file-sharing, and a basic VPN for free, with no need to register. There is also no need to install any extensions.

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The VPN is somewhat more straightforward. For example, it functions more like a safe proxy than a genuine VPN. You can select a location, but Opera offers only three options: the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Choose one, and Opera will select the location that is most appropriate at the time—which, as we discovered, is equally probable to be Mexico or the United States.

However, Opera is not a decent unblocking or streaming VPN when you cannot select a particular region. More than anything else, the service is genuinely focused on privacy.

Tor Browser

With its robust privacy features, the multi-platform web browser Tor allows you to access websites and material that are only available in certain regions and protects your data from prying eyes.

You can set up Tor to link to a bridge during installation, even if your ISP or the government restricts Tor.

The one and only browser that enables you to visit websites with the .onion suffix, aside from unblocking websites, is the Tor browser.

If you want to visit those blocked websites, have a browser with a powerful anti-surveillance capability, and unlock restricted websites, Tor is a great option.

UR Browser

UR Browser is a respectable browser despite not being the most well-known. The best feature is that this browser tries to keep your connection private.

They guarantee a quick and private browsing network thanks to their built-in VPN, ad-blocker, and a host of other features. UR browsers don’t just speed up your internet connection; they are also lightweight, so your CPU isn’t overworked.

They want to safeguard how you use the internet, as was already mentioned. As a result, they went over and above to include an anti-virus that would prevent the download of any harmful files into your computer.

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Even if a hacker gets your data, they won’t be able to extract any information from it because the UR Browser uses 2048-bit encryption.

Firefox Browser

The Firefox VPN browser offers an integrated anti-spyware feature, allows for private browsing, and blocks pop-up ads. This feature has helped this browser become highly well-liked among Internet users all around the world.

The many Firefox versions differ from one another, like with any other program or hardware, and utilizing a particular version could result in some restrictions on Internet browsing.

Aloha Browser

An intriguing iOS and Android browser called Aloha Browser includes a free VPN and a tonne of extra privacy and media options.

Forget about cookies and history because trackers and advertisements are also prohibited. Plus. The same password or fingerprint protection applies to all of your browser tabs.

The built-in player allows you to stream almost anything, or you may download things while you watch. Of course, they can also be stored securely.

Aloha Browser surpasses the more constrained proxy-based competition since it has a trustworthy VPN underlying and is not simply a simple proxy. Also, you can access the service as often as you’d like without worrying about bothersome data caps.

However, you are unable to select your location in the free version.

Epic Browser

Epic Browser is the first Chromium-based browser. It was made to protect your privacy.

It continuously operates in “private browsing” mode, with all of the standard Google tracking technologies disabled. Also, it is specifically programmed to block WebRTC IP address breaches, fingerprinting programs, secret crypto mining codes, and other things.

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A form of VPN and built-in ad filtering are also features of Epic. It can’t compete with a full-featured VPN because it simply protects your browser traffic, but there are advantages as well. The website refers to it as an “encrypted proxy.”

You have eight nations to select from the UK, the US, Germany, Canada, France, Singapore, India, and the Netherlands. You may use it without registering, there are no data use restrictions, and you can use it without registering.


Today’s world requires a VPN since data security and privacy are both very delicate. A web browser including an integrated VPN is always a superior option, though you can always use a third-party VPN.

There should be one for you among the numerous browsers with built-in VPNs we have covered in this post.

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