Why is the Banarasi Saree Famous?

Sarees are one of the most elegant types of ethnic wear and the national pride of India. Indian heritage dates back to one of the oldest in history and women have been showcased wearing sarees for centuries now in olden mythology and carvings. 

The history of sarees is as old as the Indian history itself. Sarees are made from many different kinds of fabrics. The most common sarees that are used on a daily basis are made from cotton. On the other hand, there are sarees that are made quite exquisitely for weddings and functions such as Banarasi saree and Kanchipuram Saree – those that were famously worn by queens and princesses of India – the Silk sarees. 

Silk sarees are famously made from silk, the finest and the most exquisite fabric of all – mostly because of its difficult and rare yield. Silk is extracted from the larvae of silkworms and each species of silkworm gives out a different type of silk. Sericulture is one of the unique practices followed in India where silkworms are grown and harvested for their silk and is regulated by the Indian Board of Sericulture.

This organization is handled by the government and helps farmers and cultivators by supporting their businesses. It also procures silk from these traders so that it can be used to make silk sarees. 

Types of Silk Sarees in India

There are many different kinds of silk sarees in India and each one differs in the kind of silk used, the texture, the fabric, the pattern of the zari, and the regional influence. Most silk sarees are handwoven and therefore represent the region that it belongs to. 


Each silk saree has a unique style, design, and zari work making it so special and rare. Unlike other kinds of sarees and ethnic wear, this practice is what sets silk sarees apart and makes them so much more special and expensive. 

Below are the different kinds of Silk sarees in India:

1.Banarasi Silk Saree

Banarasi Saree is one of the most famous kinds of silk saree because of its heavy texture and shiny appearance. It is adorned with lots of gold zari which makes the saree exquisite and regal. 

The Banarasi silk saree originated from Varanasi in Northern India and has one of the richest cultures of making these special sarees which were famously worn by queens of both Hindu and Mughal Empire. Today these sarees are worn by brides for their wedding rituals. 

2.Kanchipuram Silk Saree

Just like Banarasi Silk, Kanchipuram silk is the most exquisite and purest kind of silk saree in the South. Made from the highest quality of silk – The Mulberry Silk, Kanchipuram silk sarees have unique designs inspired by south Indian temples, deities, and rituals. They have exquisite zari work made from original gold and silver threads from Gujarat, which makes these sarees perfect for brides. 

3.Mysore Silk Saree

Mysore silk sarees are lightweight and more practical than the above two. They are of very high quality but with minimalist design and zari work. It is a classy understated element that makes these sarees so special and unique

4.Pochampally Silk Saree

Pochampally silk sarees originate from the Telangana state of India and are famously called Ikat sarees. They have unique colors and textures with geometric prints and designs that make them look exemplary. The saree is lightweight and is dyed with bright colors making them perfect for festivals.

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