Board Exam 2021: 8 tips to score full marks in Class 10th and 12th exams

Board exams are critical in a student’s life and serve as stepping stones to a bright future. The board test result indicates a student’s ability and is a sign of his or her academic achievement, whether it is for entrance to the college and course of a student’s preference or for getting into his or her ideal career.

 Many students, at all levels, have misconceptions about learning and do not adequately prepare. Most of us are unaware of the most effective learning methods, and we frequently prepare for tests using ineffective learning practices. Of late, educational apps for students are preferred for breezy exam preparation.

Apart from studying hard, absorbing everything, and remembering everything, the key to doing well in tests is being able to study smartly and effectively, so that the efforts essentially translate into spectacular results. Here are some tips to help you score the best in your board exams

Top 8 tips to ace your Board exams 

1.Time management: 

It’s nearly hard to achieve the goal without appropriate planning. As a result, to prepare effectively for the board exams, each student must first create a proper study time calendar and then make it a habit to keep to it. Make good use of the time. Allocate the time wisely and according to the needs of each subject.

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2.Avoid distractions

Toiling hard for the exams is not easy. Any student is bound to distractions while preparing for the boards. So, choose the right study place free of distractions to make the best out of the study time.

3.Ditch the stress

Fear, anxiety, and tension will only inhibit the preparations and, as a result, impact the board test results. It is critical to be mentally and physically fit during the board exams

When pupils are stuck with their preparations, they should seek help from teachers or parents if necessary. Teachers should be involved in some counseling of pupils and offer assistance when needed 

4.Solve previous year’s question papers

Solving question papers is the key to ace the exams. Hence, students are always encouraged to solve more and more prior year’s exam papers, especially when the entire syllabus has been revised. Practicing question papers helps keep track of the preparation level and identify areas where the students are weak or strong.

5.Don’t burden yourself 

Make realistic goals. Burdening with too much information is not going to help. It is not possible to learn everything in one day. Slow down and divide your revision time wisely.

6.Take Breaks 

It is important to take adequate breaks to feel energized and relaxed. Breaks will also help in cutting down the exam stress and aids better focus and concentration. Students can also indulge in their favorite hobbies while taking breaks to cope with the exam pressure.


Regular revisions will help in refreshing your memory and identify your strengths and weaknesses. If you’re into digital learning, various educational apps can help with better revisions

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8.Writing the exam the right way 

Now that you’ve worked hard to prepare for the board exam, it’s time to give the best output. To write the finest answers and complete the exam on time, one must use the right approaches and strategies. 

The Pro tip

Concentrate on giving your best performance while not being too concerned about the ultimate outcome.

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