Secure Your PDF Files With PDFBear’s Add Watermark Tool!

If you are so into posting on social media, or if you are an online seller who is also talented in taking pictures of the products that you are selling, then you are one of those people who need to read this article.

Once we post pictures or files online, there is already a risk of being taken or copied if it doesn’t have a watermark. It’s just like when clothes from clothing lines are being sold, and it has a tag for it to be identified by brand. It’s just like those signature food boxes that are tagged by the name of their makers so that it can be known who is behind those yummy foods. It is also the same 

your files. It should have a watermark in it for everyone to know that it’s yours and nobody else can take credit for it. In this article, we will see how useful PDFBear’s add watermark to PDF feature is. Read below to learn more about it! 

What Is a Watermark?

Watermark is a visible and, at the same time, semi-transparent print on your document. It can either be a brand, name, or logo on your original document. But, the watermark should not overpower the original content. Watermark on your file or photo means there is ample protection that would prevent others from stealing your file. You can relate to this because you all were able to experience in one way or another, that one of your files is taken by someone and would put their name on it to give credit for themselves. Also, another reason for watermarking your document is to have it branded for yourself, especially if you promote products for your business. It is one type of advertising your product because once the potential client becomes interested in your product, they will see your watermark and search for you over the internet. In some cases, especially for your PDF files, applying a “Confidential” watermark is somehow helpful so that when they see this, one will treat it with the utmost confidentiality.

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How to Add Watermarks on PDFBear

As mentioned above, PDFBear provides easy-to-understand and follow instructions for everyone. So, whether you are a professional, a student, or a beginner, you will not have any trouble adding a watermark to your PDF document. All you have to do is type Add Watermark – PDFBear in your chosen search engine and click on their website. Remember, you can do this either on your computer or smartphone device.

Steps to Add a Watermark to Your File

  1. Once you are in their “Add Watermark” tool, you will see a purple box and that is where the adding of the watermark will happen later. Either click on the ‘Select File’ option to insert your PDF file where you would like to put a watermark on or you can do the drag and drop technique. Drag your PDF document and then drop it in the conversion box.
  2. Next, when your chosen PDF document is already uploaded, you may now input the text or branding, or image that you would like to use as your watermark. Choose the best spot on where you want your watermark to be placed. It can be at the top, side, middle, or base location. And then once you’re decided, save the changes. And then, click the ‘Add Watermark’ button.
  3. And then, the watermarking process begins. It might take about a couple of minutes, but not longer than 5 minutes. You also have to make sure that you have a stable internet connection to avoid delays.
  4. Finally, once the watermarking process is done, you have the option to save the PDF file with the watermark on your device, and you can also email it. You can also share the link, generated by the site, with your colleagues for easier access.
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There you have it, in four easy steps, you were able to add a watermark on your PDF document.

How Useful Is PDFBear’s Watermark Feature?

You are probably wondering why you have to add a watermark to your PDF document when you are not doing this before. Well, because the security and safety of your files are always at risk, it is now a must that you should place a watermark on your PDF documents. Years ago, for you to add a watermark to your document, you had to download this software or have a paid application to do it. Now, thanks to PDFBear’s Add Watermark feature, it is just going to be easy, even if you are only just a beginner. Because upon visiting their website, you will see their easy-to-follow and uncomplicated instructions posted.

More often than that, despite adding a watermark on your PDF document, you are still worried that there might still be a risk of your files being hacked. That is one of the things that PDFBear can assure you. Your document is safe and secured. That is because PDFBear values its users, they treat their documents with utmost respect and confidentiality. Their system automatically deleted your uploaded files in sixty minutes.

In addition to that, it allows you to personalize your watermark by allowing you to choose the font, color, and size of the text.

In a Nutshell

There we have it! Watermarking your PDF document doesn’t have to be hard and expensive. Because PDFBear has it all for you. Not only will you be able to add a watermark to your PDF file, but you are also assured that your uploaded document is safe and secure. This is helpful, especially since everything is being done and shared online. In addition to that, this useful online tool is also free to use, make sure that before you process everything online, you have a stable internet connection!

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We trust that you find this post helpful, and be sure to go and visit to check out other features that will surely be of help to you!

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