10 Best Valentines Day Marketing Campaigns Ever!

Let’s face it: marketing can be a royal pain. Trying to get someone to go to your website hoping they will buy something from you, only to have them leave without buying anything. Trying to get them to click on an ad or sign up for something only to have them leave without making a purchase. Then there are the other issues such as not knowing which marketing strategies will actually work for your business. This article is going to discuss some of the best Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns of all time, and hopefully by the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll have some ideas of how you can make marketing for Valentine’s Day even easier!

If you search the web, you’ll find that there are literally thousands of different tips for marketing on Valentine’s Day. However, I’ve noticed that there are only a handful of campaigns that truly stand out from the rest. So here are my 10 best marketing campaigns of all time, and what they have in common with each one.

Celebrity Photos: Celebrities are always in the news, especially after scandals. However, the press is always looking for something juicy to talk about, and you can definitely capitalize on this. Find yourself some high profile celebrities who are willing to take a photo for you, usually for around $100. Then find a stock photo agency who has your photo available for download! You can then put these images on your website, send out a mass email to everyone on your list, or even use them as part of your email signature.

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Music Videos: Music videos are always in high demand during the holidays. Why? Because people love to watch holiday themed music videos. Think about any of the great Christmas movies, or The Nightmare Before Christmas or any of the Toy Story 3 videos. People love watching these videos, so make sure you’re available to provide them with plenty of entertainment!

Cartoon Videos: Animation has taken over the web these days, and there’s no better way to advertise than to create an animated ad for your product. There are lots of sites that you can submit your animation to, and many of them offer free hosting. Simply create a page for your video, add your keywords and copy paste any code that will allow the ad to play. If you want a really unique video, you can actually create your own! There are lots of sites out there that allow you to do this, which is why I consider this the most effective campaign type.

Funny Audio clips: Funny audio clips tend to go over well with both clients and employees. This is because many people enjoy funny videos. You can easily find some stock clips online that you can use and insert them within your email, messages you send out, etc. Remember, even if it’s not a video, having some humor inserted into your message can go a long way. It shows you are capable of putting a little fun in the workplace, which will show through in your smile.

Personalized Gifts: A simple way to incorporate personal touches into your marketing campaign is to personalize your gifts. Why not design them yourself? You could have them created from the likes of recycled coffee cups, or unique art pieces. This will go far beyond just making them look nice and instead let them say something about who you are as a brand. A gift doesn’t always have to be tangible, but it can if you’re creative enough!

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There are plenty more tips out there, but this will get you started on the right path to making sure you’re presenting the best possible campaign. For many businesses, Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest times of the year, and you need to make sure that you don’t forget this one little detail. If you need tips on how to make marketing campaigns on Valentine’s Day a success, these tips will get you started: have fun, make them personal, and give the gifts inside that mean the most to you! That should cover it all!

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