Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2020

The Top 5 digital marketing trends to follow in 2020 are pretty simple: automation, chat Bots, localized content and native advertising. Each of these areas has specific functions that must be explored in detail before a business will make a major investment. Automation is the ability to respond to customer inquiries and serve them with an automated message. Chat Bots are virtual assistants that can be set up to interact with customers. Lastly, localized content will include any content posted on the web which would normally be available to the public but which may be restricted due to network restrictions or user settings.

The Top 5 digital marketing trends to follow in 2020 are pretty much the same as they are for the next five years. This is primarily due to the advent of omnichannel marketing where a business will have multiple channels of communication that can cross-sell, distribute and deliver interactive content in real-time. The main difference between omnichannel marketing and voice search is that voice search requires a human interaction with the system whereas Omnichannel marketing does not (Voice Search works automatically).

In addition to the Top 5 digital marketing trends to follow in 2020, there are 4 important trends that companies should work to implement during this time period. First, digital marketing efforts should begin to incorporate email marketing. This is critical because emails reach prospects on a more frequent basis than advertisements and promotional materials do. It is also very important because it allows businesses to promote brand equity and increase exposure at a much faster clip. Lastly, the implementation of an autoresponder could drastically improve the ROI of email marketing.

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Second on the list is new and emerging platforms such as Google+ Local, Facebook Homepage + Video and Twitter + Video. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are rapidly becoming dominant players in the game. They have enabled businesses to connect with consumers in a more personalized way and have helped create new avenues for users to share and distribute information. The integration of these two social media platforms will greatly improve the sales, engagement and ROI of any given campaign. Third, the abandonment of desktop computing for mobile computing has left businesses behind in the race for engaging with their clients on the go.

Fourth on the list of digital marketing trends to follow in 2020 is the integration of chat bots and automation. Chat bots are artificial intelligence programs that humans can talk to and interact with. Unlike email marketing campaigns that can send repetitive messages to consumers, chat bots will engage with their users and send customized messages based on pre-set topics. Consumers will be able to better engage with businesses through the use of chat bots and would not want to miss out on any deals or promotions that they may be interested in.

Fifth on the list of digital marketing trends to follow in 2020 is the continued integration of messaging apps. Messenger apps are now more common than ever before. They allow users to chat freely as well as send short and long messages in a streamlined and fast way. With social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, it will be easier for brands to reach out to their target audience and increase the number of people who know about their brands.

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Lastly, another popular form of marketing trends to follow in 2020 is the rise of interactive content. Content is the foundation of all online marketing campaigns and having a rich and engaging content strategy will increase the reach of your business. Interactive content will provide more options for consumers when it comes to how they could get in touch with your brand. For instance, through interactive features in Facebook pages, consumers could get updates on their news feed, get updates on their latest photos and much more through interactive channels.

The top 5 digital marketing trends to follow in 2020 are quite similar to what we see in today’s world. Brands need to keep innovating by making the most of the tools that are constantly available. By keeping the pace of change, they will continue to see growth and success in their businesses. Brands need to learn how to make the most of their digital channels and start making more profit while reducing costs.

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