Why is it Necessary to Add Aeration to Your Pond?

Why is it Necessary to Add Aeration to Your Pond?

Why is it necessary to add aeration to your pond? Well, there are several answers to that simple question. One, having a proper circulation of the oxygenating organisms in your pond will help to keep that oxygenating water coming back to your pond and you will have healthy, thriving fish. This means your fish will stay healthy and blooming.

Another answer is, with the proper care, your pond can actually provide more dissolved oxygen to the water than the fish are used to. This will cause for a healthier atmosphere for the fish and a better environment for your plants and other wildlife in the pond. Lastly, and one we won’t mention without argument, but having the proper pond aeration system in place will allow the pond to thrive, thus reducing any chance of a dead spot. Dead spots are where none of the oxygenating organisms are getting a proper environment they need to survive.

So, why is it necessary to aerate your pond? Well, first off, when the oxygen is in the water, it will do two things. First, as mentioned, it will help to increase the amount of live organisms in your pond. Second, it will pull carbon dioxide from the water and use it as a source for the carbon dioxide removal from the pond filter. This will improve the biological filtration of your pond and the pond will remain healthy.

How does aeration accomplish this? Well, the water flows over a float or a wire mesh that is placed into the bottom of the pond. This will create turbulence in the water moving the oxygen up and out of the water. The process of this movement of the water will shock the fish, causing them to become active and alert.

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This process can be very effective at aerating your pond. But there are other benefits that can be achieved as well. An additional benefit is the oxygenating effect on your pond. As stated before, this will pull carbon dioxide out of the water. The higher levels of carbon dioxide are pulled into the surface of the pond. This allows for the pond to become oxygenating.

When the pond is oxygenating, you are providing a home for several types of aquatic life. These aquatic animals will be able to survive in a pond that is properly aerated. Additionally, fish will reproduce much better in an oxygenated environment. This will lead to a healthier pond and it will save money on unnecessary pond maintenance.

The other reason as to why is it necessary to add aeration to your pond? If you have a dead tree or a fallen branch in the water, it is likely emitting toxic gases that can be bad for the pond and your water quality. An aerator will help remove these gasses from the water. In addition to the gasses, oxygen is sucked out of the water as well, which leads to an even healthier pond.

Now that you know some of the answers to the question, “Why is it necessary to add aeration to your pond?” you can determine how much aeration to install in your pond. Remember, never install too many aerators because this will increase your expenses. Instead, install enough so that they will adequately aerate your pond water.

So, now you know why it is necessary to aerate your pond water. However, how do you go about doing this? Well, there are two different ways to accomplish this task. You can buy a pond pump or filter, or you can use pond aerators to do the job.

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Using a pond pump or filter is the most common way to oxygenate your pond water. These items are generally very easy to install and maintain. However, you need to use enough of them to properly oxygenate your entire pond water. This can be somewhat tricky because it requires you to know exactly how much each of your plants, rocks, and other debris require. This can be somewhat difficult to estimate unless you have an expert help you.

If you decide to purchase pond aerators instead, you will have to make the other decorations in your pond water as aerated as possible. You want to make sure that any plants in your pond are receiving enough oxygen so they will grow to their maximum potential. If you don’t aerate your pond water properly, your pond might end up dead-beaten and lifeless. If this happens, it can be extremely detrimental to your enjoyment of your pond for years to come.

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