What to Look For in a Gaming Keyboard – What You Should Really Expect

What to Look For in a Gaming Keyboard – What You Should Really Expect

Useful tips on what to look for in a gaming keyboard can be difficult to find. Many people assume that just because they are playing games on a computer that they do not need a gaming keyboard. While this is true, this does not mean that they should not be aware of the different types of gaming keyboards available. There are many different types of gaming keyboards that can make a big difference when it comes to playing your games.

First you will need to decide which type of key combination you would like on your keyboard. There are single-sided keyboards and multi-side keyboards. A single-sided keyboard can provide up to 10 buttons at once and multi-sided keyboards can allow for up to 9 simultaneous buttons. These buttons can all be pressed in one continuous movement. You can also have several hot keys along with the common function keys. These hot keys will respond to whatever you are doing at the moment.

Some of the most popular gaming keyboards are Cherry MX and ALPS. Cherry MX keys respond with a soft tactile feel and have a nice sound to them. This makes them ideal for those that want an organic feel to their keys. Cherry MX comes in light and dark browns and black. Many gamers also prefer the different feel of having a light key under the left pinky key or a dark key under the right pinky key for easier composition.

ALPS comes in three varieties: ALPS, OEM, and Compatible. These three varieties are geared towards different uses in the world of gaming. Many gaming keyboards will offer both standard and ALPS function keys. Most ALPS keyboards however, have a smooth high-gloss or silver keys to provide an enhanced feel to the keyboards.

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Compatible, or LED type, gaming keyboards are the most popular on the market because they are very compact and very energy efficient. The majority of these types of keyboards use a membrane switch, which is much more responsive than other switch technologies like Alps. These types of gaming keyboards will offer five extra keys to place your mouse on, along with a total of twenty-six keys total. Along with the additional keys are Cherry MX type stabilizers, which allows you to change from one key to the next without fully turning your arm.

The last thing to look for in a gaming keyboard is its extra macro keys. A lot of games now feature animated characters or other special graphical elements that can be used as macro keys. Many times these keys can be triggered by something other than the actual arrow keys on your keyboard, which means you need to make sure that your keyboard will work well with all of your favorite macros. This extra step can make or break your entire experience when playing video games.

When you’re looking for extra macro keys, you can either try to find them on individual keyboards, or you can opt to purchase some extra macro keys as part of a bundle. Bundled keyboards usually include everything you need to get started including a macro key database. In addition to the macro keys, you should also look for a decent amount of additional keys. These extra keys can usually be found on a side of the keyboard that matches the rest of the design. For example, on a pink keyboard you would likely to find a space bar, home, function, and other standard keys.

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All of the above are helpful tips on what to look for in a gaming keyboard, but as with anything it is really up to you to figure out what your personal preferences are. In general though, a good keyboard will have all of the features you need, as well as some extra ones. In particular, you might like extra macro keys or special functions like visual indicators that show you the best way to execute certain keys. Whatever your personal preferences are, it is important to take a look at what each one has to offer before you make your decision.

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