8 Things to Double Check Before Your Website Launch

You’re probably excited to launch your new website and have everything ready-loaded and optimized. Then as you’re launching it, you hit a little snag. Or you try to do too much and end up with a website that’s not very attractive or effective. No matter what the problem is, it’s good to know what to double check before your website launch so you can have everything perfect. So, let’s talk about this shall we?

First off, you need to be very clear with who you are and what your website is all about. Your potential market should see your website as a personal opening to them, a place where they can get more information. It’s also important that you’re very clear about what you’re trying to say in your website launch.

What’s the main objective of your website? Is it to promote yourself and/or your company? Or do you want them to buy something from you? Make sure you’re very clear on the purpose of your website as well as the message you want to convey. This makes things easier for the viewer and they can then understand what your website is for.

There’s also a need to focus on details. When you’re trying to launch a website, it’s important to provide a lot of information but not too much. This might seem hard at first but it will help in the end. If your information is too much, the viewer will get bored with it in a few seconds and then just move on to the next website on their list.

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Do you have any kind of open form on your website yet? You need to have one to let your potential clients to sign up for your newsletter or even for your mailing list. Having an optin form is very important because this way, your visitors will know where to sign up.

Your website will also need to tell what type of content it has. Make sure your website content is relevant and up to date. Make sure your website doesn’t have broken links or outdated content that will make your visitors’ experience very unpleasant.

Your website also needs to give users enough information about itself. There are different kinds of websites so make sure your website has the right one for your launch date. For example, if you’re planning a website launch on a holiday, then you need to make sure your website doesn’t have any grammatical errors. It should be easy to read and navigation should be easy to follow. Your website also needs to have a title that will catch the attention and draw people to it.

These are the main things to double check before your website launch. You need to work fast to get things perfect. You’ll want to launch your website during the most popular time on the Internet. For example, you need to launch your website during the week of May to allow for as much traffic as possible. Working with an SEO and social media company can also help your website climb higher in the search results making more money for you.

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After you’ve done all of this, you need to focus on your branding. Your website should be tied to your business name and logo. You need to make sure your domain name is unique. Make sure the text on your website flows easily from page to page. Make sure there is plenty of white space to provide users with information without distracting them.

If you are going to have an online press release for your website launch, you need to make sure it has content. This is the perfect time for SEO and social media marketing because you can get free press releases and blog posts written for your website. You need to keep content interesting so people will return to your website. You also need to make sure your keywords are in your content so people can find you quickly.

On the day of your website launch, you will want to plan your giveaway. Make sure this giveaway has enough time for people to review it. If you don’t offer a giveaway for your first 30 days, you will lose people. You also need to be sure you are planning and promoting the entire launch and beyond.

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