Torrentking Alternatives and Proxy Sites


Torrentking is an online piracy site that provides pirating movies, tv shows, and web series. Users of Torrentking visit it because it keeps updating Content daily. Torrentking has a vast collection of movies and tv shows. It does not require registration to watch and download movies and tv shows in HD quality.

One can also choose custom filers to find what exactly you are looking for from its categorized Content.

What is Torrentking?  

It is a vast search engine typically called meta-movie search engine especially designed and used for searching movie files. Before this let’s look at what does the word torrent means; the term torrent means files that have metadata of other files over a network. To be simple files containing information such as links of additional files is called a torrent. And Torrentking is a vast database search engine with a graphical user interface that collects torrents from all over them and then integrates them into one page. Torrentking is specific about movies, and you can find any movie here, download it or watch it online.


About Torrentking website: 

It’s an online piracy-like website infamous for providing pirated movies, tv shows, web shows, etc. It attracts users by providing the latest and updated Content daily. Torrentking has a vast database having an extensive collection of total entertainment for free. It allows users to watch and download high-quality Content for free. Its user can watch and download any movie, web series, and tv show for free here on this site. But this site is not legal to use.

Features of Torrentking:

It has so many features, like allowing the user to watch and download Content for free. This site is entirely free and provides Content of high quality. It has a pretty simple user interface and is easy to navigate. Regular updating gives users new Content every day. All these features attract users.

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Is Torrentking legal? 

 Torrentking is like a piracy site where people can watch and download movies, tv shows, and web series in high video quality without paying for the Content. It is providing the Content which it does not produce and providing Content of others that has copyright infringements without copyright holder permission and giving credits to them. Thus, using sites like Torrentking is wholly illegal and a criminal offense and this has different punishments in different countries. Government and internet service provider has blocked Torrentking and similar sites, so it is advised not to use Torrentking.

Is Torrentking safe?  

Big No! Torrentking is not at all a safe website to use. Torrentking is a piracy site, and using any piracy sites and sites is a severe crime. Every country has its laws and punishments for those who use these piracy sites, similar to Torrentking. It also is not safe in terms of technology because Using piracy sites like Torrentking can get unwanted viruses or malware into your computer or device you are using. In short, it’s not safe by any means to use Torrentking.

10 Best legal alternatives of Torrentking:

 There are several legal websites alternative to Torrentking which are safe and legal to use.


  1. Legit torrents:

    It is a website that allows torrent downloading, but it is entirely legal, unlike Torrentking. It is the host to several legal torrents which one can select and download anything such as movies, music, tv shows, web series, books, and much more.


  1. Public domain torrents:

    This is a legal torrent site hidden from the sight o people offering a lot of classic movies and B-movies to watch and download free of cost. All the Content on the website is arranged in categories. It is hosted under a public domain license, and it provides a rare collection of super classic movies that one can not find somewhere else for sure.


  1. Sony crackle: 

    This is a torrent website legally owned by Sony, a well-known name in the entertainment industry. This website offers a fantastic collection of movies online that are too free. All one has to do is sign up, and you will get personalized recommendations according to what you prefer.


  1. The Roku channel: 

    This is an entirely free streaming channel that can watch popular movies and TV shows for free. It is one fantastic alternative to Torrentking that too legally, and you can find your entertainment.


  1. Movies found online:

    It is one more legal alternative to Torrentking, offering movies, TV shows, independent movies, standup comedy shows for free. You can also find cult classics, documentaries, and short films here on this website.


  1. Tubi TV:

Here in Tubi Tv website, one can watch TV shows for free. It has a lot of Content that is well                             categorized   and worth watching. It let people watch TV shows in HD quality without even                               signing up. It is  entirely safe for use and legal too.


  1. Yahoo view:

People who like to watch comedy or reality shows, dramas, and documentaries will get lots of                           entertaining Content here on this website for free.


  1. Some more legal and best alternative of Torrentking is Voot, Netflix, amazon prime, Hotstar, MX player, Zee5, sony liv, etc. which are famous nowadays. They are not entirely free but provide free, worth watching legal Content.


Is the Torrentking site down?


Yes, it is now no longer an active website. Torrentking.EU went down in the summers of 2017. As it is a piracy site, its access is entirely prevented by the Google Chrome browser. But it is not permanently shut down and relaunch itself, says its officials. But in countries like India, UK, US, it is considered illegal and is banned.


Torrentking proxy and mirror sites list: 

 If someone is not able to access torrentking then there are some mirror websites to it. mirror

Unblock activated

TorrentKing US Proxy


TorrentKing Proxy Mirror UK Proxy

Torrentking alternatives


How to make use of the Torrentking site: 

 It is convenient to use the Torrentking website. As the actual website is not working, you will need a proxy site from the above list. First active your VPN and click any proxy site listed above; it will take you to the homepage of Torrentking, and then you can explore and watch Content of your choice.

Working Torrentking proxy list:


How to unblock Torrentking site:

 Many country governments have banned Torrentking, but it can be unlocked in many ways.

  • You can use any proxy or mirror site which will redirect you to its home page. It would help if you used VPN along with these sites as they are not secure.
  • VPN itself is an easy way to unlock Torrentking. It lets you reach the site by providing a false identity to your device, and it even protects you from cyber-attacks.
  • Tor browser is a private browsing network that provides access to banned websites like Torrentking without creating an issue for users.

How to download Torrentking?

 Torrentking is a website, not an app that one can download. It is a piracy site that one can access through proxy links listed above using VPN and a private browser. It is not possible to download Torrentking, but one can download its Content for free. The steps are mentioned above.

Torrentking – FAQs:

  1. Why do people go for site Torrentking?

This is because it offers free streaming and downloading of its Content at high quality.


  1. Are there any other sites similar to Torrentking?

Yes, there are several sites exactly similar to Torrentking, which also provide free entertainment to users for free.


  1. Is there such a thing as a Torrentking proxy?

Absolutely yes. There are so many proxy links that redirect users to the homepage of the Torrentking site when it’s not accessible directly.


  1. Are there any alternatives to sky torrent or Torrentking?

There are several alternatives to Torrentking which are legal, unlike it. You may also find a similar site for torrents.




Everyone loves entertainment, and online entertainment has become a trend now. People are just running for free entertainment but remember to secure your device before you watch and download Content from piracy sites like Torrentking. There are many ways one can unlock Torrentking, but it is nutritional advice if you are from countries like India, UK, the US, etc., then go for some alternative ways. They may not be free like Torrentking, but you will be safe.



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