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Who would not love to watch a movie or TV shows whenever and wherever they want? To top that, if the service comes free of charge, not one sane soul can say no to this opportunity. People love to watch a movie in the comfort of their home during their leisure or to pass the time while traveling. One definitely cannot go to a theater for that. One needs to depend on their gadgets like laptop or mobile phone, etc., to entertain them during times like these. Feel like watching your favorite movie or web series all of a sudden? All you need to do is take out your smartphone. But how do you manage it? It is not feasible for everybody to own an account on any OTT platform. So how do you watch a movie? You visit the website of Tamilmv proxy and just search for the content you wish to watch. As icing on the cake, you get access to the plethora of movies in gratis! Is that not ecstatic? You must be eager to know more about Tamilmv proxy and how to gain access to it. This article will brief you about the same. Read more to find out.

What is Tamilmv proxy?

Before knowing about the Tamilmv proxy, let us be thorough with the Tamilmv. Tamilmv is one of the most famous names of the expanding world of piracy and copyright content. It is also considered to be that torrent site that has managed to satisfy the users for years at a stretch consistently.

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A South Indian torrent site for movies, Tamilmv has earned fame in many parts of the world. These factors mentioned above are valid for Tamilmv proxy too. As the name suggests, Tamilmv proxy is a proxy or mirror site of the central Tamilmv, meaning; it is a replica of Tamilmv, which remains dynamic to escape the clutches of the law. Tamilmv proxy has a different URL from Tamilmv.

What can you find on Tamilmv proxy?

Tamilmv proxy ushers you to the thrilling world of showbiz. You will find movies of all genres in it, be it a thriller, crime, action, romance, comedy, romedy, sci-fi, horror, drama, etc. The plethora of movies from all these genres mentioned above will take you by awe.

What languages can be found on Tamilmv proxy?

Proxy Tamilmv bridges the gap between the linguistic differences of the world by keeping the content of all languages. You can find bountiful Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, and English films, TV shows, or web series on it. Irrespective of your mother tongue, you can look up movies in any language in Tamilmv proxy. You will even find dubbed movies here.

Why is Tamilmv proxy so much in use?

The simple to use GUI of Tamilmv proxy enables the user to surf the site conveniently and freely. It alleviated the ease of accessibility of proxy Tamilmv. To search for your desired content, all you need to do is type the name or some keywords of the name of the content, and the results will be displayed before you.

Why do you need a Tamilmv proxy?

  1. Due to the stringent laws imposed by the government of India on piracy of movies or copy-righted content, Tamilmv was officially rendered illegal in India, thus leading to its ban. But, owing to the vast customer base of the torrent site industry, the makers of Tamilmv created a proxy of it, i.e., an alternative.
  2. Proxy Tamilmv helps a user to work with the site without the shackles of the restrictions imposed on it. In a way, the Tamilmv proxy removes the restriction laid on the leading area of Tamilmv by the law. Moreover, it also helps mitigate the traffic faced by the actual site, thus allowing it to be enhanced continuously. It also lets the user enjoy the facility of increased speed.
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Why has Tamilmv been banned in India?

As mentioned earlier, the strict laws regarding the distribution and downloading of pirated copy-righted content have led to the banning of Tamilmv by the Indian government because it violated few rules. The livelihoods of millions depend on the entertainment industry. It is considered that the increasing distribution of pirated content has led to a plunging decrease in the business done by the entertainment industry, thus depriving the worthy of what they deserve. Watching or sharing pirated content is now a punishable offense, and anybody found guilty will be either put in jail or penalized heavily.

Is it safe to use Tamilmv proxy 2021?

Often, the mirror or proxy sites found on the internet are fake or dangerous to use. They even make your device susceptible to viruses, hackers, or malware, but Tamilmv proxy is a proud exception to that. Tamilmv proxy is one of the safest and most reliable proxy sites of Tamilmv. However, it is advisable to use a VPN while accessing this site to be safer.

Best Tamilmv site details

To evade a breakdown due to either legal or technical reasons, Tamilmv has many mirrors or proxy sites. We have listed down some of the most reliable and best Tamilmv alternatives below-

  • WWW.1tamilmv.Cc: This site can be accessed without the use of a VPN
  • Sitenable.Top/Tamilmv-Proxy/: The excellent display and easy accessibility makes it quite popular among the users
  • Freeanimesonline.Com/Tamilmv-Proxy/: A large number of Tamil and Telegu films is the main attraction of this site.
  • tamilmv.Proxybit.Casa: The user-friendly layout and huge movie library have made this site very dear to the users.

These are some of the most reliable and widely used Tamilmv sites.

How popular is Tamilmv?

With the increasing fan base of free movies found on torrent websites, one must not be surprised at the massive popularity of Tamilmv, especially amongst the younger generation. The dedicated end-users of this website have made it experience a consistent, sharp rise in terms of fame.

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How to unblock Tamilmv using a proxy list?

  • Gaining access to Tamilmv or one of its proxies by unblocking the proxy list is frequently considered to be a challenge by many. However, this article will tell you how to unblock Tamilmv using the proxy list in few easy steps.
  • All you need to do for unblocking the Tamilmv proxy list is use a good Virtual Private Network, popularly called a VPN, to gain access to those sites. The VPN gives you protection by keeping your identity anonymous by using the IP address of other countries to gain free access to the banned sites.

What is the essential worth of Tamilmv?

The ever-increasing popularity of Tamilmv justifies its huge essential worth. The worth of Tamilmv is estimated to be somewhat 1034 USD. Now that is a considerable amount! Every day it receives fresh users in amole. Thus, the cost of Tamilmv has substantially increased.

Tamilmv proxies- (FAQS)

  1. What does a proxy server do for Tamilmv?

As mentioned earlier in this article, a proxy server acts as a replica of the leading site. It allows the user to evade the strict laws and continue using the benefits of Tamilmv without worries. Besides, it also has a motive of increasing the speed and reduce the traffic of the leading site.

  1. Can you download Tamil movies on the Tamilmv website?

Yes, you, of course, can. Tamilmv is highly famous for its extensive library of incredible Tamil movies. You will even find the recent Tamil film here.

  1. Which is the best site to download Tamil movies?

Tamil movies are found on ample platforms, and all of them are great in their ways. Thus, it is a tough job to label any single site as the best. Therefore, without much ado, we are mentioning the names of some of the best sites for downloading Tamil movies-

  • Tamilmv
  • Filmywap
  • Extramovies
  • YTS, etc.
  1. Can you access 1tamilmv.MX if Tamilmv is blocked?

The main motive behind introducing proxy websites is to allow users to continue surfing through the main website, blocked, without any worries. Thus, you can access 1tamilmv. Mx if Tamilmv is blocked.


The fantastic features of Tamilmv have made it such a hit. The vast collection of movies that one can watch or download for free has made the masses addicted to Tamilmv. Although Tamilmv is labeled an illicit and malicious website by the government, the users cannot refuse the temptation of being able to watch or download movies or web series or TV programs in gratis anywhere. However, as a dutiful citizen, one must try one’s best to abide by the laws and regulations of their country. Hence, unless highly required, it is better to avoid using Tamilmv.



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