How To Use My Wifi To Check Who Is Surfing?

How To Use My Wifi To Check Who Is Surfing?

There are a few simple steps that I want to go over with you today in how to use your Wifi to check who is surfing the web. Wifi is a great little piece of technology that you can really make some extra money with. It is something that you should definitely know about and I am going to show you the basics on how to use your Wifi to see who is online. Here we go!

What happens is, all your Wifi will act like a computer to anyone that is on the same network as your Wifi. The computer that you connect your Wifi to acts just like a computer too. When you surf the Internet all you see are websites that are connected to your computer. In order for you to be able to see who is surfing the web, you need to see their connection status.

In order to do this, all you need to do is to simply hold down your Wifi button and then look at the icon that will be shown on your computer. This icon will be called “Wireless Internet Connection.” When you have your finger over this icon, you will see a Wifi icon. Now, every time someone is on your network and they start surfing the web, all they will have to do is click their Wifi button to see who is online. Pretty cool right?

You might be thinking to yourself that you would never give up your computer just to watch your surfers. I don’t know about you, but I hate sitting in traffic and listening to my iPod while my mind races trying to figure out how my web connection is going to handle all these people surfing the web! All I have to say is that this is a HUGE reason as to why I love using Wifi. Even if I’m not in the middle of a traffic jam, I can still check my web stats and see what everyone is up to!

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Another reason as to why this tool is so important for me is because it allows me to see my connection speed. If I am surfing the web at a good pace, I want to make sure that my connection is as fast as possible. Having a Wifi enabled computer enables me to see the difference in speed each time I connect. The first time I surfed the net with my cell phone, I didn’t even notice that my web connection was so slow! When I finally connected using Wifi, all I could see was that the web pages were moving slowly too.

I am now able to download videos, music, and photos that are much faster than before. No more having to wait for my web pages to load. Now I simply click on a link and it takes less than a second for them to load up. This is why I love having a Wifi enabled laptop, especially when I am on the road and want to check my internet connection.

If you are wondering about how to use my Wifi To Check Who Is Surfing, I have two options. If you have a Wifi enabled mobile phone, then you just have to connect it to your laptop and point it to the web, or just simply use the mobile browser like you would normally. However, if your web browser doesn’t support Wifi, then you will just need to find another web browser. Either way, making sure that you have a high quality internet connection is essential to using this tool.

This is just one Wifi How to use my Wifi to check who is surfing the net article. There are many more out there in the market. In fact, I just stumbled upon an article that actually shows you the best way to track people down, with their wireless data. The link below will provide a heads up on how to catch the real “bad guys” while avoiding the creeps who just want to surf the web casually.

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