7 Types of Social Proof for Email Campaigns

Social proof is basically the rules by which a marketer can tell if an offer is real or a scam. In most cases it’s easier said than done. When you’re launching an online marketing campaign, it can be hard to know whether you’re giving your prospective customers the value they deserve or not. The problem with most emails is that there are a lot of “ifs”. However, when it comes to the rule of social proof you really don’t need a lot of other information to convince people that your offer is worth their time.

First of all, what is ‘proof’? It’s a combination of factors that leads someone to believe that a product or service exists. The best example of this is probably eBay. A lot of people browse eBay every day and if an offer looks too good to be true (especially if the offer is in the middle of the auction) more than likely it is. If you’re trying to sell on eBay people are going to assume that you’re reputable and that you have something to sell.

Social proof is essentially what is happening behind the scenes when people are browsing around Ebay. Without this ‘proof’ people wouldn’t know whether or not you’re real and it would be difficult to get them to join up for your email campaign. If you’re using a free method to promote your website, it’s very important that you provide some type of proof that will make people believe that you actually exist.

So how do you create your proof? The first thing you should do is to ask people to forward your email on to friends, family, and coworkers. Even if they aren’t interested in what you’re selling, they’ll be able to add you to their friend’s list and give you some ‘dots’.

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You should also ask for feedback from people that you know online. There are a lot of message boards and discussion forums where people are willing to help you out by providing you with ‘dots’ and ‘friends’. All you have to do is post your message requesting for feedback and then follow up with a link to your sales page or sales letter.

The final way to create your proof is simply to go to popular websites and forums and ask for people’s opinions. For example, I’m sure you’ve seen lots of different websites that offer opinions and recommendations about different things. People love to write about their experiences and what they like and dislike. Make the most out of this and find forums that have a lot of comments by people that are actually interested in your product. Find posts that have questions that people ask and post a question of your own. Ask smart questions and you’re sure to receive smart replies.

As mentioned at the start of this article, social proof can be very helpful in an email campaign. It gives you more information that you’re going to be able to use to gauge the success of your campaign. It’s all about getting in front of people with real information, because they have more power than any other source. If you can prove to them that you’re legitimate, you’re going to have a much better chance at getting them to buy from you.

Social proof is great because it gives you the chance to show people who you are and what you’re all about. Email proof is a great way to let people know about the benefits of doing business with you. It’s also a great way to let people know that you’re not a scam. Social proof is one of the best things you can have when you’re emailing people.

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