7 Incredible Ways to Boost Conversion Rate of Your Website

If you are planning to start an eCommerce store, then it is always advisable to go for a good web development company with an experienced team of professionals. It is very important to note that no one can increase the conversion rate on his or her own. You may find it wise to hire a team who will not only increase your website conversion rate, but also make your site user-friendly. Below are seven ways to boost your Shopify eCommerce conversion rate:

o Design your site with a friendly user interface. People generally prefer to shop through something they can easily understand. Make sure that the content on your pages is easy to understand and access. A long checkout process is something most customers would rather avoid.

o Always make sure to offer quality products. Make sure your products are up to date with new inventory. Your product descriptions should be clear and precise so that customers can make informed choices. Write about your products based on factual data. The more you share information about your products, the more satisfied your customers would be.

o Analyze your website. You might notice that there is a certain percentage of website traffic that is just idling in your page. Some time has passed and most of these visitors have no intentions of buying your product. Boosting conversion rate is as simple as analyzing which section of your website visitors are actually interested in your product.

o Promote your promotions frequently. Start a contest or give freebies like free shipping on your products. Doing these promotions repeatedly will ensure that you have constant people visiting your website. This would help you in maximizing your conversion rate.

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o Make your offers appealing. Make sure that the offer that you are trying to make your customer to keep them a part of your list. Advertise your offers using compelling headlines and powerful sales copy. Never resort to the typical “click here and save” formula. Make it irresistible so that your customers won’t want to miss out.

o Update your website regularly. You might have a good marketing strategy. However, if your website is not updated on a regular basis, you will not be able to boost conversion rate. Make it a point to update your website at least once every week.

o Monitor your progress regularly. Nothing works better than seeing your business increase in conversion rates. By regularly monitoring your conversions, you can easily find ways to improve your strategies. Keeping an eye on your website statistics can give you the information you need to improve your promotion techniques.

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