Where to Buy Pure & Quality Kanchipuram Silk Sarees From

Saree is the most favorite attire for Indian women. From north to south or from east to west, it’s difficult to find an Indian woman who doesn’t love to wear a saree. Saree is the most admirable attire for special occasions, weddings, pujas, etc. 

Nowadays, you can also buy Kanchipuram saree online and other types of sarees too. Kanchipuram saree has always been on the favorite list of women. They are beautiful, gorgeous, and look beautiful on anyone. 

There are various kinds of Kanchipuram sarees available in the market and all are quite expensive. Most people don’t know how to identify a pure Kanchipuram saree or from where they can buy pure Kanchipuram sarees. 

That’s why here we are going to give you all the information about where to buy Kanchipuram saree online. However, before that let’s take a look at what a Kanchipuram silk saree is and how to identify pure Kanchipuram saree. 

  • What is a Kanchipuram silk saree?

There is a city named Kanchipuram in South India, near Chennai. These silk sarees originated from there and got their name from that place. Kanchipuram is well known for its best-quality silk production. With the increasing demand, the price of these sarees has increased too. Still, it is on the hot list of women because of its looks and comfort. 

  • How to identify a pure and authentic Kanchipuram silk saree?

Identifying a pure Kanchipuram silk saree is not an easy job. Once upon a time, only experts could do it. However, buying an expensive saree and doubting its authenticity is quite frustrating. That’s why here, we will give you two tips to identify pure Kanchipuram silk sarees. 

  • Zari test to identify the authenticity of a Kanchipuram silk saree
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Zari in Kanchipuram sarees plays a major part in deciding its price. The sarees with fake copper or silver Zari are naturally less expensive than the authentic gold ones. 

  • Fire test to identify the authenticity of a Kanchipuram silk saree

Take a few strings from your saree and burn it. If it smells like burned hair then it’s probably a fake one.

  • From where can you buy Kanchipuram silk saree online in authentic and pure quality? 


  1. Kankatala – Kankatala is one of the trusted places to buy Kanchipuram saree online in authentic quality. They deliver sarees in most major cities. 
  2. Panash – It is an online store for different types of Kanchipuram sarees. 
  3. Fab India – This one is the oldest store for buying good quality sarees in India and abroad. 
  4. Nalli– From authentic Kanchipuram to modern handloom, you can find all types of saree in Nalli. 
  5. Utsav–One of the best online stores to buy pure Kanchipuram silk saree online within your budget. 


These are some most trusted websites to buy Kanchipuram saree online. You can visit any of these websites at any time to buy a Kanchipuram silk saree for your special occasion. Make sure to check your saree properly after it arrives. 

Kanchipuram sarees are one of the best options for Indian weddings. So, if you want to be in the limelight of any special occasion, a Kanchipuram silk saree is a must-have for you. We hope our information will help you to get your best Kanchipuram silk saree.

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