How to Choose Perfect Sunglasses According to Face Type?

One of the most important questions that one may ask themselves when choosing how to choose perfect sunglasses according to face type is, “How to find sunglasses that suit me.” It is but natural for every person to have a different facial appearance. Some may look much like an oval, round, long or square shape. The same goes for those with long and lean faces, as opposed to those with round or oval-shaped faces. Having said this, there are a few things you can do to improve your odds of finding a pair of glasses that fit you perfectly.

Your face type will also determine the colors you like. The cheekbones should meet at a right angle and form an angle just above the eyes. If they do not, try to imagine a broad nose and then slant it down. This will help you choose sunglasses that are narrow at the cheekbones without making your face look too long or too wide. Remember, if you wear glasses for recreation, it is best to buy those with frame lengths that mirror your face shape.

You will find that the face shape will affect the style of frame that will work for you. A square face will not suit a round or oval-shaped face. So will a long face, while a round face will not suit a long jaw. Try a trial run before you commit to buying. You may be surprised to find that something other than your face shape will suit you best. Of course, if you feel that you have found your perfect match, stick to it!

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The way you hold yourself poses a big question in how to choose perfect sunglasses according to face type? You must make sure that you use the right type of frames. For example, if you have an oval face and your hands are small, you should consider wearing glasses with a slender frame and a narrow width. You would go for wide-frame sunglasses if your face is wider across the top. Of course, if you have a short nose and long fingers, you should avoid wide-frame sunglasses, since they will accentuate your over-sized nose.

Your hairstyle and makeup will also play an important role in determining which kind of frames will suit you. If you have a short face, go for light colors. Darker colors on the other hand will enhance your over-sized features. And your skin color will also matter, since skin colored frames look better when worn with bluish tans.

Your activity level will also have an impact on the types of frames you should wear. For those that are more active, you can choose wraparound shades, as it enhances your face’s shape. And for those that are more sedentary, you can choose a wider, rimless frame that is not as wide as your nose. When it comes to eyeglass styles, oval ones are usually preferred by younger people. Round ones are often chosen by older individuals.

When learning how to choose perfect sunglasses according to face type, it is essential that you consider your other facial features. If you have a round face, you will probably look best with wide-set lenses. If you have a long face, rimless lenses will make your face look slimmer. Similarly, if you have an oval face, then you will look better with wraparound shades. And if you have a long face, then glasses will do you just fine. Remember that different factors such as hairstyle and makeup will also affect your overall appearance.

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So, how to choose perfect sunglasses according to face type? Just remember to look at your overall features first. After that, you will have a better idea of which type of sunglasses will complement your beauty and your skin. Remember that even celebrities are not always what they seem. Just choose wisely.

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