6 Ways Covid-19 Affected Marketing

A recent article in Marketing Today magazine (dated March/ April 2021) mentioned six ways Covid-19 marketing is affecting their clients. It’s interesting and shows how important the role of the marketer has become in the new paradigm. There was a paper published last month on the subject that showed why the industry had not only accepted this new model, but embraced it wholeheartedly, embracing the word ‘consolidation’. The paper was called ‘The Six Ways Covid-19 Is Affected By Market Share Consolidation’.

This article covers some of the latest trends in the industry and how they are effecting the marketer and his customers. The main themes discussed were the change to a single-channel model of communications where there was a greater focus on information channels like telesales, telemarketing and email. Some other changes were the increased automation of processes and the introduction of customer relationship management software, which integrates all of the client’s data resources for customer support and product support. This is packaged with call centers and has been received well by the client set. The integration of telesales and CRM was also covered.

It was suggested that the marketer must be highly skilled in social media marketing to be able to take advantage of it, where he could leverage the power of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and a number of other social media sites. This makes sense. The marketer needs to be in regular communication with his prospects, which is a great way of keeping in touch with current clients and prospects. But how does he do this? Is there any way to automate the process?

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That’s a good question and one that only an expert can answer. The answer depends on the marketer himself. His ability to drive targeted traffic to websites via social media channels, whether he is using YouTube, Facebook, blogs, or podcasts; is dependent on his ability to effectively use automation and segmentation to bring the necessary attention to the relevant sites and maximize the amount of leads for the marketing effort. For most marketers, automation and segmentation are built into the marketing campaigns, which means that the question of how Facebook Affected Marketing is answered will come up.

In this article we will look at some examples and explore some possibilities where automation may have been used to impact marketing in Facebook. This short exploration may trigger additional thought in the mind of the marketer who might be considering implementing Facebook metrics in their own campaigns. We welcome your comments on this subject.

For a while, marketers who had to outsource their SEO tasks to agencies did not get much benefit from Facebook. It turned out that their competitors were getting the information they needed to do their own optimization and were sending more traffic to the agencies than the marketers themselves. This made it very difficult for the marketer to do his own optimization. Eventually, this became a very costly endeavor as the competition became too stiff and the marketer ended up having to hire new people to help with the task.

Recently, a new wave of social media marketers have emerged, mostly ones without SEO experience, who believe that automation is the answer to a world where everything is done at the click of a mouse button. The problem is that these companies do not have a strategy for optimizing the social media sites for search engines. Worse, many of them are still not making money despite the fact that their sites are so popular. Is it because the strategies that these people are selling do not work? We’ll leave that for you to decide.

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It seems that the answer to Facebook Marketing being affected by the new FTC rules is “yes”. Marketers need to stop looking for easy solutions to problems and look instead for the most robust systems that can integrate themselves into the marketing mix. This will make all the difference in the world to the marketer as he or she moves forward with optimization. In short, the best solutions are the ones with SEO expertise and a social media background.

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